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Mum’s Crustless Zucchini Quiche

Mum’s Crustless Zucchini Quiche

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Overhead shot of full quiche in baking pan

Growing up I never knew that quiche was supposed to have a crust. I always had my mum’s quiche that was essentially a big frittata with flour mixed in for body. It wasn’t until I moved to America in my early 20s that I realized quiche was actually a pastry based dish. This quiche was a staple of my childhood and was always present at picnics and family gatherings. My mum’s crustless quiche is so easy to put together, like less than 10 minutes. And, the flavor combos are endless! It is great warm or cold (I like mine cold with BBQ sauce).Plus, it is a great way to use up any left over cooked or fresh veggies in your fridge.

Mum’s crustless quiche ingredients

crustless quiche ingredients laid out on counter
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Vegetable oil
  • All purpose flour
  • Salt and pepper
  • Nutmeg
  • Zucchini
  • Onion
  • Cheese

The truth is, you probably already have everything you need to make a crustless quiche in your fridge and pantry. And even if you don’t have the exact ingredients listed above, you can still make this quiche! Well, except if you don’t have eggs! I have listed some recommendations/substitutes for the ingredients below.

Three slices of quiche on plates

For an even more decadent flavor try subbing the milk for heavy cream.

Vegetable Oil

Canola oil, peanut oil or olive oil are all perfectly fine substitutes in this recipe.


Nutmeg is a common ingredient in quiche recipes. It is a great compliment to creamy and fatty ingredients such as the milk and cheese. A little nutmeg goes a long way. If you are not a nutmeg fan feel free to substitute with paprika, chili powder or a little cayenne.


The great thing about quiche is that it is so versatile and works with a large variety of fillings. Try subbing the zucchini for cooked broccoli, fresh spinach, asparagus, mushroom or any combo that sounds good.


Yellow onion, red onion, white onion, green onion or shallots all work for this recipe. Get creative, or use what you have on hand.


The options for cheese in quiche are really endless. As the egg custard base of the quiche is fairly bland it is best to add a cheese with a stronger flavor profile. For this recipe I used a combination of Monterey jack and extra sharp yellow cheddar. Delighted Cooking has a great article regarding cheese options for quiches. Regardless of what cheese you select, this recipe calls for a total of 1 cup of cheese.


While this particular version of mum’s quiche is vegetarian you can easily add in your favorite meat. Cooked sausage, bacon, ham or smoked salmon are all great options. Add about 1 1/2 cups of meat for this recipe.

Quiche slice removed from pan

Making the quiche

This quiche is very simple to put together and only has a few steps.

First, beat the eggs, milk, oil until combined.

Eggs in bowl and beaten

Next add the flour, salt, pepper and nutmeg and stir to combine.

Flour on top of beaten eggs in bowl

Finally, mix in your filling ingredients, pour into a greased baking dish and bake! It’s as simple as that.

Quiche ingredients in bowl and pan

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Did you try this crustless quiche recipe? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. And as always, don’t forget to tag us in your photos on social media @mandy.macc.bakes

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Mum’s Crustless Zucchini Quiche

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 45 min Total Time 55 mins Servings: 8


This crustless quiche is perfect for a meatless Monday dinner, Sunday brunch or weekly meal prep. The filling combinations are endless allowing you to create the perfect quiche for your tastes.



  1. Preheat oven to 350 F

  2. Grease or spray a 9" pie pan or baking dish and set aside

  3. In a large bowl beat eggs, milk and oil until combined

  4. Add flour, salt, pepper and nutmeg and mix until combined

  5. Add zucchini, onion and cheese and stir to combine

  6. Pour egg mixture into prepared pan and bake for 45-55 minutes or until cooked through

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Jan Shell

Wednesday 21st of December 2022

Easy and a good way to use up zucchini. Liked it a lot, and I’m a fussy eater. No onions for me, just a shake of Jane’s Mixed Up Salt.


Monday 8th of August 2022

The Zucchini Quiche is great! I made it pretty much as written, using half and half and adding bacon. For the cheese I used a combination of what I had in the refrigerator - sharp cheddar, Swiss, and habanero cheddar.