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Welcome to Mandy Macc Bakes, a diary of a home baker, I am glad you are here!

If you are looking for classic old fashioned recipes, you’re in luck! We have those here. Looking for fun twists on old classics, we got you! Want something more modern? Those are coming soon….

About Mandy

Growing up in New Zealand, it was a staple of my childhood to bake yummy treats with my mum. I was fortunate enough to start baking at a very young age and it is a passion that has continued into adulthood. My mum had a handwritten recipe book with short simple instructions that we would often reference during our baking sessions. Once mum discovered a new recipe she would add it to the book. The title of the recipe in red and the ingredients and instructions in blue. Often the instructions were so brief that a recipe may only take up 2-3 lines in the book which left somethings up for interpretation. My favorite recipe is her cooked in a pot chocolate cake. My dad officially declared my baking of the cake better than hers when I was around 10.

Once I turned 21 I traveled to America for the first time on a work exchange through my university. I found some of the food to be rather different, particularly the sliced bread which was a staple in my house growing up. The basic loaf of sliced bread here in America tasted so much sweet than what I was used to back in New Zealand and it certainly did not pair well with my beloved Marmite!

After a few stints of moving back and forward between America and New Zealand I returned to California again in 2012 where I now reside with my husband and our four fur babies.

My passion for baking has increased since ‘settling down’ and I love trying and creating new recipes to share with our friends and family. I am excited to share a collection of recipes from my mum’s old recipe book (including some pictures of the pages) along with my recipes that I have developed as an adult.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy baking!